First Week Of Camp

Was your first week what you expected? Why? Why not?


The first week of camp was described to me as "drinking from a fire hose". I would have to 100% agree with that. We are taking in a ton of information right now. This was expected. What I did not expect was the type of content we are absorbing. I expected to be cramming information about actual code in itself. As of now we are learning more about the programs and collaborative processes that we will be using for the rest of camp. I believe this approach will give us each a strong foundational knowledge before we move forward with our coding journeys.

What are you struggling with?

Right now the biggest struggle for me is wrapping my brain around how all of our coding software (git, GitHub, VS code, MAMP etc.) work in unison. During the FIYO stage of my application process we used a simple coding website like code pen. This was a very easy coding tool to use and it was all right there in front of you in one place. After starting to familiarize myself with all of our new software, I can see how and why using the different software will be beneficial.

What are you excited or eager to learn more about?

Our lead instructor, Justin, encourages us to share our "ah ha!" moments. I have found in my journey so far that these are the best parts of coding- that moment when you are struggling with a problem and then BOOM it works! So back tracking... What am I most eager to learn about? I could not put my finger on one thing. What I can say is that I am excited to learn anything and everything new to challenge myself and keep the "ah ha!" train rolling!